Access Counselling and Financial Planning to Help Adapt Your Business Following COVID-19

The Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS), in partnership with Tourism Nova Scotia, is offering tourism businesses guidance and support through the Tourism Reactivation of Industry Program (TRI) to rebuild business, adapt to the evolving tourism environment, and build consumer confidence.

Services available to tourism businesses include:

  • Guidance to develop a health and safety plan and protocols for their business in accordance with Nova Scotia’s public health protocols;
  • Counselling and support to adapt their business practices to meet the demands of their customers in the current tourism environment; and
  • Advisory services from financial experts regarding financing options, available government supports, and financial planning to help strengthen their business going forward.

For many businesses, it is not possible to provide service the same way you did before COVID-19. Advisors can help you re-think your business model to offer services in a way that increases your appeal and comfort for your customers.

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