Webinar Series

As our community continues to cope with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, TIANS is here to help. TIANS and our partners are hosting a series of specialized free webinars to tackle the challenges faced by COVID-19. These webinars are geared at equipping businesses with the skills and knowledge they need to survive the new realities of our COVID economy.

See upcoming events below, along with recorded webinars for those sessions you've missed.

Health & Safety Certificate Series

Session 1 | October 7, 2020
Fundamentals of Leadership When it Comes to Health & Safety
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Session 2 | October 14
Risk Management

Session 3 | October 21
Leadership and COVID-19

Session 4 | October 29
Session topic decided by you!

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Upcoming Webinars

Crisis Communications In Times Of Pandemic: Maintaining Your Brand While Facing Financial Challenges And Business Uncertainty

September 23 | 2 PM

Host: Canadian Chamber of Commerce
As consumer behaviour changes, supply chains become disrupted and employees and employers navigate uncharted territory and uncertain futures, the importance of a well-crafted crisis management plan is becoming ever clearer to Canadian businesses. 
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Growth, Interrupted: Navigating COVID’s shock to Canada’s tourism workforce

September 28 | 3 PM

Host: Tourism HR Canada
In early 2020, Canada was on track to employ 2.2 million people in its tourism sector. Where are we six months into the COVID crisis? And what is the outlook as peak tourist season comes to a close? With a focus on labour-related challenges and opportunities key to the return of a strong and resilient tourism economy, this webinar will explore the customized, reliable labour data essential for making informed decisions on a pillar of Canada’s economy.
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Reopening European Hotels

September 29 | 11 AM

Host: eCornell
The effects of the coronavirus vary across continents, countries, states, industries, income levels, and consumer groups. As a result, hotel reopenings, economic recovery, and investment opportunities will differ across continents, countries, and customer segments.
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Leading Through a Crisis

September 30 | 10 AM


Host: Nova Scotia Business Inc.
When faced with a crisis, leaders are forced to think and behave in ways that feel unfamiliar. Whether it's a technological, financial, natural, or a health crisis, crises demand that leaders step up. During a crisis, a leader's goal is to reduce loss and keep things operating as normal as possible. This course is designed to provide leaders with the tools they need to best manage during trying and difficult times.

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Fundamentals of Leadership - Employer Responsibilities Under the OHS Act

October 7 | 10 AM

Host: Safety Services Nova Scotia
With the onset of COVID-19, never has there been a time that Health & Safety has been so front and center in our workplaces. It is critically important that we look after our staff and patrons – understanding what we are responsible for and how to comply with the laws is an important first step.

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Register for Café New Canadians | The future of the hotel and tourism industry in Canada

October 8 | 8:30 PM

Host: Café New Canadians
Come join us, as we identify the role that immigrants have to play in the evolving Canadian hospitality industry, learn about Destination Employment, a free training program facilitated across the country, and hear our panellists' insights on how we will build a flourishing industry that welcomes travel and leisure to Canada once more. Our guest speakers will also answer your questions live.
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Building for the Future: A Webinar Series Aimed at Supporting Nova Scotian Businesses

October 19 | 8:30 AM

Host: Halifax Chamber of Commerce
Building for the Future is a 6-part series on what members need to know now to survive and thrive throughout a pandemic and into recovery. This webinar series will feature 2-hour sessions 3 days a week for 2 weeks, for a total of 12 hours of training.
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Recorded Webinars

eCornell | Restarting the Hospitality Industry

eCornell highlights initiatives that will help get travelers back to hotels, including developing new cleanliness standards for the industry, obtaining funding, and conveying confidence and trust to the travel sector. We will also discuss how hotels, including their restaurants, will likely be operated differently in the future, as well as the silver linings or opportunities embedded in the crisis.

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