The Province of Nova Scotia announced on May 1,2020, the easing of some restrictions around COVID-19 that directly relate to campground operations. Private campgrounds can open for seasonal campers in seasonal campsites only. Short-term camping is still closed.

TIANS has compiled a list of resources for your use:



Direction on Fire Ban
Quotes from the Department of Lands & Forestry
TIANS has confirmed with the Department of Lands and Forestry that private campgrounds are exempt from the current “no burn” restrictions (fire ban) providing the fire is enclosed in grills designed for that purpose (Forest Act 23 4(d)). It is permissible for campfires to occur in private campgrounds.

Direction on Liability
Our contact with A.P Reid Insurance has also offered the following advice regarding campground owner liability and responsibilities:

  • Create a Training Guide for Employees (see above COVID-19 Safety and Prevention Measures document)
  • Collect and distribute government regulation signage (see above Seasonal Camper Visual)
  • Document with suggested protocols to having business open (see Letter from Campground Owners

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