Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) understands that businesses across Canada are facing extraordinary challenges due to the difficult economic conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Canada’s property and casualty insurers are pulling together
to find creative solutions to ensure that businesses across all sectors can access the
insurance they need.

COVID-19 has brought unexpected risks and challenges to every industry. Some sectors
of the commercial insurance market are being impacted by both difficult economic
conditions and a global correction of the commercial insurance market. This has led
to issues in finding available and affordable insurance within some sectors. COVID-19
has also created uncertainty with respect to potential liability exposures.

IBC and its members have implemented an action plan to support commercial clients and business owners during these challenging times. A key part of that plan includes a risk manager service that
will work with you, at no charge, to help find a path to available and affordable insurance in the current economic climate.

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