TIANS is lending our voice to a new coalition representing COVID-19’s Hardest Hit Businesses

Representing Canada’s hardest hit sectors (including tourism, arts, culture, events, and hospitality), a new coalition has formed to call on the government to provide additional supports for their employees.

The majority of people working in sectors like hotels, events and weddings, tourism, arts and theatre, and attractions are Canadians running small or medium-sized businesses in their communities, sometimes under the banner of an international brand but entirely local. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, these industries in Canada were strong, growing, and employed more than 2 million Canadians – or about every 1 in 11 jobs. But, restrictions on mass gatherings, border closures, and capacity reductions required to protect public health have impacted our industries more than others and leave our otherwise sustainable businesses in peril.

Come September, as other sectors continue to recover and see revenues climb, summer domestic tourism will drop off and weather will prohibit the use of most outdoor space. Any small increase in revenues we saw over the summer months will vanish. The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) program has been a critical lifeline for our industries, and the more than 2 million Canadians we employ. The planned phase-out of CEWS beginning in September aligns with when our businesses will face a seasonal drop in demand.

Ensuring the safety of our patrons, our workers, and all Canadians remains the top priority of our industries. Our employees are predominantly women, young people, new Canadians, and Indigenous peoples. That is why we quickly and carefully implemented new procedures to keep our employees and guests safe from COVID-19, but our businesses are suffering and we need help.

That is why we are calling on the Federal Government to provide dedicated support for the hardest-hit businesses who will not be able to recover or grow revenues while ongoing COVID-19 restrictions remain. 

Learn more at HardestHit.ca