In the event of a presumptive case of COVID-19 the affected guest room shall be removed from service and quarantined. The guest room shall not be returned to service until undergoing an enhanced cleaning and disinfecting process including the following steps:

  • Do not provide regular housekeeping service to rooms where individuals have been in isolation and ensure staff are advised not to enter rooms until authorized. 
  • Implement alternate means of assisting guests in isolation such as leaving fresh linens, toiletries and cleaning supplies outside the door during the period of isolation.
  • Properly wash/sanitize any reusable glassware or dishes in rooms between guests (in commercial dishwasher) or provide disposable dishes and utensils in rooms.
  • Once guests have left an isolation room, complete thorough environmental cleaning on hard surfaces with an approved disinfectant (see environmental cleaning section).
  • Designate specific staff to clean potentially contaminated areas or complete cleaning/disinfection AFTER regular housekeeping. Provide appropriate PPE and review hand-washing procedures.
  • Launder any removable cloth/plush items.
  • Steam cleaning can be used for areas which are likely to be contaminated but cannot be laundered (plush chairs).

Coming Soon: Enhanced Industry-Wide Hotel Cleaning Standards from the Bed and Breakfast Association of Nova Scotia (NSBBA).