In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Inverary Resort on Baddeck Bay displays commitment and resiliency as the rebuild of its Main Inn continues.

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Baddeck, NS — After the heartbreaking loss of the main inn at Inverary Resort in June 2018 due to fire, many wondered how such a valuable piece of Cape Breton’s history could ever be replaced. Scott MacAulay, owner of Cape Breton Resorts, is pleased to announce that the rebuild of the main inn will commence in Winter 2020 and is expected to open to guests later in the season.

“The design concept is based on replicating the essence of the original building – its nostalgia – while enhancing it to be an even more guest-focussed experience venue,” says MacAulay. “Our entire team is thrilled to unveil this concept and to know that the Inverary property will be fully restored to its glory over the coming months.”

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Video: Rebuild at Inverary Resort Underway

Posted by Inverary Resort on Baddeck Bay on Monday, March 2, 2020