Workplace COVID-19 prevention plans

Sector-specific guidance to help protect workers and customers from COVID-19 in the workplace

Developing a prevention plan

Resources to help you with your workplace prevention planning. Effective 5 June 2020, many businesses and organizations closed under the Public Health Act Order can reopen if they’re ready and choose to do so. They must develop and comply with a Workplace COVID-19 Prevention Plan.

Workplace COVID-19 prevention plans must address public health protocols, including:

  • physical (social) distancing in the workplace (staff and clients)
  • number of clients
  • how to work and interact with customers
  • cleaning
  • equipment
  • preparing employees to return to work
  • preparing for customers or clients
  • monitoring and communicating of plan

Businesses and organizations that are a member of an association or college can adopt a sector-specific plan as their Workplace COVID-19 Prevention Plan. Businesses and organizations that were not required to close should also develop a plan to address public health protocols.

Download the COVID Protection Plan Checklist