A Shout Out to BoyneClarke

Our thanks and appreciation goes to Peter Stanhope & Meaghan Kells from BoyneClarke LLP on the seminar Commercial Lease and Contract Considerations.It was a great session and was able to address a lot of questions that will help navigate these uncertainties and provide some guidance to the restaurant sector.A couple of key points

  • Open a dialogue with your landlord, good relations will yield better results
  • All leases can be amended
  • If you have a security deposit it may be able to address rent
  • Look to the future to renegotiated a lease that’s creates stability for the landlord and at a price point that you can deliver
  • Gross rent in the CECRA does include (common area maintenance & property taxes)
  • CECRA is open till August 31 for landlords to apply


To download the recording of the seminar visit: https://youtu.be/QPIC3oTyTco