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Tourism Tax Credit Supported by Atlantic Canada Industry Leaders

Halifax, N.S. (June 29, 2020) The Tourism Industry Association’s in Atlantic Canada are calling on the federal government to implement a $2000 Tax Credit for Canadians to encourage travel. Speaking on behalf of the Tourism Industry Associations of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador and Prince Edward Island, TIANS President, Darlene Grant Fiander, stated, “We believe the implementation of a $2000 tax credit would have an immediate and significant impact on the recovery of Canada’s Tourism Industry.”

“As the federal government looks at ways to support Canada’s tourism economy, we believe a timely announcement of a tourism travel tax credit would encourage movement within defined borders and support local businesses, as they rebuild and attempt to recoup lost revenue. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the impact tourism has on the economy, and it is our belief that when tourism recovers fully, the global economy will follow suit,” says Grant Fiander.

The Atlantic Canada Tourism Industry believes, a Tourism Tax Credit would build confidence in Canadians to support their communities and build pride in exploring Canada. A tax credit would not require an immediate outlay of federal cash, in fact announcing a tax credit for tourism to encourage economic activity would be offset greatly by the increase in taxes collected as a result of expenditures. We believe this would be an incredible opportunity for the federal government to support the tourism sector in a meaningful and substantive way.

In 2019, Tourism revenue in Atlantic Canada was $5.3 Billion. The four Atlantic Industry Associations represent thousands of tourism businesses within the five sectors of tourism

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