Our partners at Tourism HR Canada have prepared a blog post titled “Post COVID: Profound Workforce Changes Expected” detailing the factors contributing to workplace changes, service protocols, and how to retain a productive and resilient Tourism Workforce.

In Canada, each provincial and territorial health authority will set the guidelines, and the protocols may vary regionally. To follow are examples of the protocols identified in recent articles or guidelines specific to workers or business practices:

  • Workplaces introduce “Immunity Passports”, or a way in which staff are tested and obtain an official ‘good health’ standing before they can return to work. Employees’ temperature will be taken daily as they enter work.
  • Businesses will implement stringent hygienic and cleanliness standards to meet new health and safety requirements, along with increased frequency and thoroughness of cleaning, and inspection and verification of the cleaning regime.
  • Workers will routinely use masks and gloves.
  • Customers will be offered free masks. Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizing stations will be readily available public spaces.
  • Customers need to have temperature taken upon arrival.
  • Customer capacity will be limited to allow for physical distancing requirements, e.g., dining rooms with staggered seating times and limited customers and size of groups; bus tours and flights with 30-50% capacity; a maximum number of gamers at casino tables.
  • No cash transactions will be permissible; purchases will strictly be electronic and online.
  • Foodservice industry will reduce dining room services and increase emphasis on convenience foods, take-out, delivery, and room service.

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