Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) Supportive of Bill 57 – Calls for Immediate Advancement of Lahey Report Recommendations.

The Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) applauds the provincial government for taking swift and decisive action to implement new legislation through Bill 57 with ambitious goals focused on environmental protection.

A healthy tourism industry is integrally linked with a healthy environment. Adventure and recreational based activities are the fastest growing sectors of the tourism economy, which pre- Covid-19 generated $2.7 billion in revenue and generated over $400 million in tax. People are seeking destinations that value and demonstrate environmental stewardship.

The proposed 20% land and water conservation goal identified in the Bill within the next eight years is significant and will support Nova Scotia’s long-term sustainability; and, support the Nova Scotia brand as a clean and pristine destination to attract visitors and new investment in the province.

With regards to Section 10 (c) of the proposed Bill, TIANS urges an escalated timeline on the adoption of the forestry management reforms called for in the Lahey Report. To delay this work as proposed in the Bill, is a disservice to all involved. The Lahey Report addresses a number of elements contained in Bill 57 and yet has been languishing for three years awaiting any substantive advancement; reminiscent of other reports such as the “The Path We Share”. Lahey’s recommendations need to be advanced now, or at the very least a moratorium needs to be placed on Crown land harvesting until any new regulations are ready to be implemented.

As we embark in a post-pandemic era, the value of our environment has never been more obvious and the need for protection more crucial. Nova Scotia is blessed with incredible natural assets. As we begin the rebuild of the tourism economy, how we manage public policy around the environment will play a critical and defining role in our collective success.

The government today has an opportunity to demonstrate significant leadership on this file, however, it has to be measured in action. We have had numerous reports and little progress, Bill 57 provides a call for a new way forward that will be a legacy for all Nova Scotians.

Respectfully Submitted
TIANS – November 1, 2021
Contact: Lisa Dahr Ph: 902-423-4480