Dear Industry Partner,

The newly launched Clean it Right program is experiencing strong uptake from operators across the sector.  TIANS has provided close to 200 business accounts, representing well over 1000 individual staff signed up. Be sure to take the time to enroll, to gain your Clean it Right Business Designation. The program is currently complimentary and provides enhanced promotion of your commitment to a clean and safe experience for guests. 

Last week, TIANS launched an advocacy program in support of a federal Tourism Tax Credit.  Have you lent your voice and contacted your local Member of Parliament? It’s not too late – please show your support. Together we can get Canadians traveling again. 

In the coming weeks, we will be launching an Industry wide incentive program to recognize front line workers, first responders and health care workers.  TIANS Members will have a chance to be part of a program to incent Nova Scotians to travel, particularly during off peak days.  Watch for details coming soon.  

As we look to the future of tourism, supporting the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs will be important. With the sudden closure of schools earlier in the year, many students did not take time to apply for scholarships.  Do you know someone in your community planning to study tourism at the post-secondary level? Let them know we can support their education through our scholarship program.  Also, do you have a staff member seeking professional development or do you want to invest in yourself? The Judith B. Cabrita Tourism Scholarship provides funds to help the current tourism workforce.  Share the information below!

As always, we are here for you – check out the upcoming webinars. Next week we are offering a session from the insurance sector focused on risk management through improved business practices.  Register online today. 

Please stay in touch – let us know how we can help.  Take the time to support #$2000, and let’s begin the rebuild.

Stay Tourism Strong.

p.s. A summary of the latest Stats Can employment data has been rolled out by Tourism HR Canada and shared with you below.

Thank you, 

The Team at TIANS

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