The ‘State of Tourism in Canada during COVID-19’ Dashboard 2.0, compiled by Twenty31
analysts, provides a monthly snapshot of recent global, regional and domestic tourism health and
economic updates, and insights on the impact of COVID-19 on the travel and tourism industry’s
path to recovery. Insights are derived from a review of myriad global and Canadian media sources,
associations, consultancies, and expert opinion from the tourism industry and government. We
analyze the current state and future potential of key drivers of tourism recovery, including the most
important tourism channels – source markets, airlines, accommodations, tourism businesses, tour
operators, OTAs, and travellers.

This dashboard serves two objectives. 1) First, to identify activities and messages for Canada’s
tourism industry, and, 2) in particular, to inform timing of program and recovery activities and
messages supporting the Canada Experiences Fund (CEF) and other programs to aid recovery of
Canada’s tourism economy.

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