Confident, timely communication is a major challenge for destination marketers during the pandemic. We’ve heard this from many of you in our DMO support group on Facebook and during our conversations with clients.

In this period when regulations and emotions are volatile, it’s true that your definition of success may need to change a little. But content marketing is a long-term project. Even now, your team can use tried-and-true principles to boost your destination’s best stories and support your local community in new, relevant ways. Through this lens, there’s always plenty to say.

To help kickstart your next content brainstorm, our content marketers at Destination Think have gathered observations and examples of successful communication from destination marketers.

Take inspiration from these 10+ observations and ideas for communicating in times of uncertainty, or skip ahead to your favourite.

  1. Repeat your safety messages
  2. Frame compliance with guidelines as a positive
  3. Show the right behaviours in your images
  4. Create Instagram Stories highlights about COVID-19
  5. Use an infographic for the most important messages
  6. Don’t schedule your social media too far in advance
  7. Show people how to support local businesses (in tourism and beyond)
  8. Continue showcasing the experiences that make your destination special
  9. Adapt cultural experiences to social media
  10. Be calm and empathetic when responding to negative comments

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