Nova Scotia’s reopening plan takes a phased approach to safely easing restrictions. The 5-phase plan is based on ongoing progress of provincewide vaccination rates and improvements of public health and healthcare indicators like COVID-19 activity and hospitalizations.

Interactive Resource Tool from Nova Scotia Government

Enjoying summer safely

The reopening plan safely eases restrictions over 5 phases as vaccination targets are reached and case numbers and hospitalizations decline. This allows Nova Scotians to safely enjoy summer with public health measures in place while we get most of our population fully vaccinated. Once that happens, we should be able to further ease restrictions and move in to a new normal of living during COVID-19.

Each phase is based on COVID-19 activity, hospitalizations and vaccination rates. Phases are expected to last between 2 to 4 weeks if targets are met in each phase. Testing continues and is monitored throughout all phases.

Nova Scotia starts phase 1 of the reopening plan on 2 June 2021. Until then, all current provincewide restrictions and public health measures remain in place.