Managing Your Team Through

Personal and Professional Challenges

Establish a diverse and stable tourism workplace in today's changing world

The Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council is offering a variety of Leadership webinars to help address some of the challenges facing today’s workforce.

Over the past few months, experts from our partners at the Office of the Employer Advisor, Labour and Advance Education, Tranquility Online, Department of Community Services and other organizations, have provided resources and information on the following topics. We extend a great big thank you, to everyone who took part in this series.

It's not too late to register for the final two Webinars on January 18th and 25th!

Session 1 | Legal Considerations for Employers during Covid-19 (complete)
Session 2 | COVID-19: A Workplace Hazard – Focus on Tourism Sector (complete)
Session 3 | Pearls and Perils of Disability Case Management (complete)
Session 4 | Mental Health of Your Team during Periods of Uncertainty – focus on Tourism Sector
Session 5 | Navigating WCB’s MyAccount for Business Owners
Session 6 | What is Anti-Black Racism Dialogue
Session 7 | Racism and the Workplace - January 18th 10a.m.
Session 8 | Unconscious Bias - January 25th 10a.m.

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Session 1
November 26 | 10 - 11 AM

Legal Considerations for Employers during Covid-19
Speaker: Katie Roebothan (Lawyer),
Office of the Employer Advisor

Katie will review the legal considerations that arise for employers in the context of labour and employment law as a result of Covid-19. Topics will include human rights considerations, occupational health and safety considerations, workers’ compensation considerations, employment agreements and policies and also considerations around managing, laying off and terminating employees during these uncertain times.



Session 2
November 30 | 10 - 11 AM

COVID-19: A Workplace Hazard – Focus on Tourism Sector

Speaker: Fred Jeffers
OHS Division

Join Fred Jeffers, Executive Director, Occupation Health and Safety Division for this informative and timely session.

Topics covered will include:
• COVID-19 Hazard Management
• Evolution of the OHS role during COVID-19
• Growing concerns for the tourism & hospitality industry
• COVID-19 Prevention Plan

Bring your questions - this is sure to be an engaging webinar with valuable discussion.



Session 3
December 2 | 10 - 11 AM

Pearls and Perils of Disability Case Management
Speaker: Jeannette Combes (Employer Advisor),Office of the Employer Advisor

This course provides practical and useful information to assist in implementing disability case management in the workplace and to do it more confidently and expertly. Aspects of disability case management, best practices and alignment with legislative requirements are reviewed and discussed. Numerous examples and specific cases reviewed. The roles and responsibilities of all workplace parties are discussed and how to address specific issues of non-compliance are covered.


Session 4
December 7 | 10 - 11 AM

Mental Health of Your Team during Periods of Uncertainty
Speaker: Dr. Alissa Pencer
Tranquility Online

These unprecedented times may lead to feelings of uncertainty, stress and anxiety. Being in an Industry where working from home is not an option many are not getting enough hours or working extra hours to compensate for lower staffing levels. Dr. Pencer will provide concrete tips for managing stress and discuss the impact of COVID-19 on mental health. Resources available.



Session 5
December 14 | 10 - 11 AM

Navigating your WCB "My Account" for Business Owners
Speaker: Jeannette Combes, Office of the Employer Advisor

Learn how to navigate your online account through WCB NS' MyAccount. Topics: Access to the Employer's MyAccount, Claim Information, Generate an Advice Notice Report, Online Secure Messaging, Complete an Online Injury Report, Notifications from the WCB, and your Business Experience Rating.


Session 6
January 11 | 10 - 11:30 AM

What is Anti-Black Racism? A Dialogue
Speaker: Winnifred Grant
Senior Advisor on African Nova Scotia Issues
Department of Community Services

Join Winnifred Grant , Senior Advisor on African Nova Scotia Issues at the Department of Community Services, for a frank discussion on anti-Black Racism in Nova Scotia. What it is and how to recognize it in our individual workplaces.



Session 7
January 18 | 10 - 11 AM

Addressing Systemic Racism in the Workplace
Speaker:  Shakira Weatherdon Consulting & Enterprises

Learn how to identify forms of racism and increase understanding of the experiences and impact of racism. Examine interpersonal, institutional and structural racism. Engage in discussion and information-sharing on the historical context of race and racism in Canada and its present day impacts, reflect on participants’ personal journey and discuss examples of anti-racist behaviour.


Session 8
January 25 | 10 - 11 AM

Unconscious Bias:
Creating Communities of Compassion and Accountability
Speaker: Shakira Weatherdon, Shakira Weatherdon Consulting & Enterprises

During this session participants will explore concepts of systemic barriers, become more aware of unconscious bias and perceptive filters, identify ways to minimize personal and professional bias, and explore and practice strategies that facilitate inclusive environments.


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