Dr Strang has approved an increase of up to 75% of passenger capacity for charter vehicles, effective immediately.


All Public Health measures and safety protocols must be enacted, including:

  • Non-medial masks worn by all (driver and passengers) while on the bus
  • Passenger screening
  • Hand washing before entering
  • Loading and unloading protocols are consistently followed


There are four styles of seating, dependent on the charter type:

  • Transit style (at the window)
  • Crisscross style (with the empty rows being permitted to have a single occupant) up to max 75%
  • Bubble style (each group must be 2 Metres apart) up to max 75% (or whichever the lesser)
  • Teams style (any team; crew; work group that doesn’t social distance (when not on the bus) may be a “team” on the bus and sit as they wish) to a maximum of 75%

Contact your Carrier/Operator or the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board for further information on capacity and configuration requirements.

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