During the May 19th update from the Province, Premier Rankin and Dr. Strang announced that current restrictions will remain in place until at least mid-June. Clarification was provided regarding campground access for seasonal campers.

A brief summary is below – for a comprehensive list of restrictions and guidance, visit: https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/restrictions-and-guidance/

• Current public health restrictions remain in place until at least the second week of June. .
• Public and private schools will continue at-home learning for the remainder of the school year.
• Provincial Park campgrounds are currently closed. Private campgrounds can only be open for seasonal campers. No short-term camping is allowed at this time.
• People can go to their cottage or seasonal campsite outside their community only if they are staying there for the season. They cannot go back and forth between these places and their primary residence.
• Permanent residents of Nova Scotia will no longer have to wait for approval when they apply to enter the province via the Nova Scotia Safe Check-in. They will receive an automatic conditional approval, but still must show proof of permanent residency at the border. This change will be made in the Nova Scotia Safe Check-in system overnight.
• Rotational workers need to do the full application process for their first trip back to Nova Scotia since May 14. They will be asked for documentation showing they are a rotational worker and the name and location of their worksite. For each subsequent trip, they will get approval faster because they will have been already confirmed as rotational workers.