Blog 1: A Message from Glenn Squires, TIANS Past Chair and CEO of Pacrim Hospitality Services

These are difficult times for our Industry and we are going to face many challenges in the coming days. Government is stepping in and providing a number of safety nets for much of society. A great number of people in our Industry are going to be laid off or lose their jobs. How can we help them and our broader community?

I believe the current situation provides an opportunity for government to invest in infrastructure projects that will gainfully employ many who would otherwise be idle, give them a purpose and ensure that a good portion of the money that will be distributed has a lasting, positive impact.

Most of us have heard of the need to invest in infrastructure across the country and this is an ideal time for government to address the opportunity. Infrastructure does not have to be all mega projects. I am sure many of us have projects that could be considered and would enhance our quality of life. Additionally, such projects could provide numerous on going benefits for years to come.

I can think of historic sites, parks, recreation venues, environmental issues, climate change, homeless facilities, low income housing, clean water for indigenous and other impacted communities. Why not create a temporary corps that would provide delivery and other services to the elderly and infirm. Education is another area that offers great potential.

I am sure each of you will have ideas immediately. Yes, this is a trying time and we have to deal with the immediacy of action. However, we can also take a longer term view and invest in projects that benefit us all.

During times of adversity, leadership is crucial to help us all work towards our common goal of a better Nova Scotia and Canada. Our Industry impacts every community in Canada and each of us has an opportunity to join the leadership team and provide the vision, energy and action that will lift our collective spirits and those of our fellow citizens. Socializing the concept and providing your feedback is an important component in helping achieve success. I look forward to hearing from you on your thoughts, opinions and ideas. Share your perspective on the TIANS COVID-19 Facebook Group, or send your blog ideas to

Glenn Squires