Navigating to the New Normal

We are in uncharted territory as we navigate through the first global pandemic to occur in the age of the smartphone and heightened connectivity. As the destination marketing and research organization for Canada, we have a responsibility to mitigate the impact to our visitor economy through our response and proactive recovery planning.

We are taking a phased approach of Response, Recovery and Resilience. Our COVID-19 Research will inform each of these phases.

We do not know how COVID-19 will unfold. We do not know how long or how deep its impacts will be. But we do know we live in a beautiful country with cultures we cherish and communities we must protect. We have an incredible brand and a resilient industry that can overcome just about anything when we pull together. We must remain positive, pragmatic, and empathetic to the very real, very human things people are going through right now. We can do this. And we will come out the other side braver, smarter, and stronger. Let’s show what we mean by Canada. For Glowing Hearts.

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