Yesterday, Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and Fred Crooks, Nova Scotia’s Chief Regulatory Officer, had a session designed to review recent changes to the Public Health Order. Here is a list of things that you should know while operating your campground. Any questions beyond what is listed below, should be addressed to

  • Mask are mandatory in public places as of July 31/2020. Campers that are coming into your store, rec hall and common public areas should be wearing a mask.
  • Children under 2 years of age do not need to wear a mask.
  • Children between the ages of 2 and 4 years old in situations where their caregivers cannot get them to wear a mask
  • Where possible, social distancing must still be followed even while wearing a mask.
  • People with medical conditions, don’t need to wear  a mask and don’t have to prove their condition.
  • People not wearing a mask, cannot be denied services but as business owners, we must inform our clients that for their safety, they should wear one. (Example: i have a store with a window, *Campers with no mask- Window service*)
  • Commercially sold non-medical masks or home made masks made following instructions.
  • Glass/plexiglass barriers only provide short term protection for staff from direct contact with the customer in front of them so they still need to wear a mask to decrease any virus that they may be putting into the air around them when they breath and talk.
  • Government is limited to helping businesses with additional cost.
  • Indoor events are at 50% capacity if  offering an indoor event up to 200 people. The venues is responsible for maintaining oversight of the gathering.
  • Bathrooms, laundry rooms, stores, rec halls, wagon rides and any public area should have signs that say: “Social distancing, Mask are recommended and use at your own risk”.
  • Guidelines set out for campgrounds operations  should still be maintained.

Please see the Mask FAQ for more details on the upcoming changes.

View the June 28 Guide for Safe Operations: Re-Opening Nova Scotia’s Private Campgrounds and RV Parks


A Message from Nadine Breau, President of the Campground Owners Association of Nova Scotia

As a campground owner, I often speak with many other campground owners to brainstorm ideas to keep our business safe and putting safety measures in place to help decrease any liability.

  • Get all campers/visitors to sign a waiver and keep these records for 1 month.
  • Process payment for all reservations before they arrive and hand out a package containing all the information needed for their stay.
  • Put up signs to educate your clients.
  • Take the temperature of all staff on duty every day and keep a log.
  • Have hand sanitizer available.
  • Bleach and water bottles to spray common areas, no need to wipe it after spraying.
  • Charge a fee for outside visitors to avoid large gatherings.
  • Incident report: have a log of any incident that may involve an out break of the virus.
  • Regular cleaning schedule in place in high traffic areas.

Please do the best you can at keeping our province safe and remember, if you put half of these things in place, you are doing a fair amount of what is required. People (The general public) also have to do their part in keeping themselves safe and as a campground owner, we need to finish off our season keeping in mind that even if we don’t have any active cases at this time, the virus is still out there.

Thank you for your interest and support to keep our communities safe.

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