Our friends at Authentic Seacoast have launched their Authentic BEEcoast educational platform, for all things honeybees and beekeeping. TIANS is proud of our partners for their efforts to increase the bee community in the province.

Join the first Beekeeping Workshop this Saturday:
August 15 11:30am-2:00pm | 75 Ferry Lane in Guysborough

Always wanted to be a Beekeeper? Love honey? Want to get outside with the kids and learn something new?
Allow our professional Beekepers Al and Duane (more like bee whisperers!), to lead you through a workshop where you’ll learn about the fascinating behaviour of honeybees, how they make honey, and why they’re an essential part of a balanced ecosystem! You’ll also get a chance to mark the bees to track their flying patterns!

Join the Authentic Beecoast Facebook Page: